Piribi Photo Tools

A simple application to help to manage your pictures

sorter, rename, manage the dates, in a really easy way


Here can you see some of the most important features of Piribi Photo Tools

Rename photos. A tedious work, with Photo Tools you can rename all you pictures sorted by the taken date, and get a readable name that means something.
Copy Dates.Work with the different dates, if some of your photos has missed the taken date, you can copy from other picture/video properties.
Change dates. How many times did you forget to put your camera in the right timezone, or the right date. You can easily fix this with Photo Tools
Adjust Dates for different cameras. After a friends trip, you got pictures from all your friends, but everyone has a different time in their camera, and is a mess to sort all the pictures correclty. You can easily adjust dates and times from different cameras.
Avoid duplicate pictures. Are you trying to organize your old pictures? You find a lot of duplicates of your pictures, in different places, and you are removing 1 by 1. You can just find the duplicates and remove them with just 2 clicks.
Work in progress.We have some other features that are not fully present in this beta version. In the short future you can get EXIF information of your pictures, auto rotate the pictures and videos, and much more.


Frequently asked questions

Why is so ugly?
I tried that the program to be as easy to use as possible, and as spare project that I work in my free time, at the moment I only have focus in the features and the performance.
Which OS are supported ?
Photo Tools can work in all Windows version above Windows 7.
Is it free ?
Of course, I made it for fun, and to fix all the issues I found with my family memories, and I just want to share it with the world. If you want to buy me a beer, you can do it here.
And what's next ?
I am working in more options to manage the dates, adding more support to use taken dates for videos, and also a tool to wipe the EXIF data in the pictures.
Where can I report a bug ?